Hello, I've started playing guitar two months ago, and need some help with trying to play this tricky bit on a song.
Some things you may want to know about me:
I learn straight from tabs, no lessons what so ever. When I first picked up a guitar, I learned smoke on the water, and for some reason, it was too challenging for me, so I switched to some Billy Talent. Couldn't play chords, so I moved to Avenged Sevenfold. I could play the intro for Unholy Confessions, and Save Me, and also Buried Alive. I could only play lead. I can't play chords, as I am a skinny 15 year old with small fingers.
A friend told me I was a quick learner, and was pretty good for 2 months.

So, if anyone knows this song "I won't see you tonight pt 1" by Avenged Sevenfold, I am learning it right now from tabs.
So, for this song, I can play every single bit of that song, even the chords. Except just one part!
The first solo, is a slow solo, but at the end of that solo, there's 2 quick parts.
Here's the tabs for it:

the ones I circled are the part I can't do. If you heard the song, it'll be much easier to understand.


and thank you, Ultimite Guitar and the users for the tabs!
The best thing to do is just listen to that part and try to play it by the tabs while you're listening to your own playing and see if it sounds right! Oh btw, that song is in Drop D IIRC so make sure you're in the same tuning, otherwise it won't sound right.

You do want to learn chords also. Simply pick a song that you like and has some basic power chords and practice! You won't be able to play them if you don't practice!
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Quote by awesomealvin
I can't play fast enough for it. And how do I strum them properly?

Gonna have to just keep practicing. You will build the muscle memory needed to do it fast if you keep at it. Sometimes it is best o put it away and come back to it at a later date. Often if I have issues with a certain piece I go on for a few weeks and when I come back to it I find it has become easy.

As a new guitarist you will find that if you practice enough you will get what I call AHA! moments. For me these occur when I leave it for a bit, practice other songs or techniques, and go back. Also, as a new guitarist your learning curve is steep. As you progress on this curve you will earn techniques that will help you when you go back to those troubling spots.

If I were you I would start learning chords especially the power chords and barre chords. I found that after learning those I was able to visualize how certain techniques were used to do some of the picking parts of songs, such as leads and solos. Learning the chords will also help your hand learn its way around the fretboard.

good luck.

PS: Often those tabs in the music books may be wrong. I found this out the hard way with my Alice in Chains songbook. Turns out a lot of the tabs teach you in ways the musician never used and those ways tend to be more difficult.
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This. If you can't do it, you need to practice more.
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Slow it down. If you can't play it slow, then it's too far out of your range yet. Fast licks aren't the be all and end all of guitar playing. Learn some stuff that you can handle and then work your way to it.
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Patience young grasshopper. As everyone else has pretty much said, you just need to practice. Being fast (and accurate!) on guitar doesn't come over night.

I would really recommend learning a little bit of music theory as well since you're at an early stage with this. It can be really useful for composing AND learning songs, and if you don't pick up some theory now it'll seem like much more of a chore later on. Take that from someone that never bothered with any theory at all until I had already been playing for an awful long time! Biggest mistake I ever made with guitar for sure!
If that's the only part you can't play in that song, maybe make that part simpler.

I mean, it's just two beats that you can't play. Play something else instead of the parts you can't play and nobody will notice that you played something different. It's just two beats.

Practice something else and then come back and you may notice that you can play the part. Also you need to learn to play chords. It doesn't matter if your hands are small. There are much younger guitarists that can play chords well and they have much smaller hands than you.

If you can't play something in full tempo, slow it down. It's all about muscle memory.
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Why wouldn't you hold down the 17th and 18th frets at the same time, and bend with the finger on the 17th fret? That's what I would do.
Alright, thanks guys, i'm gettin the hang of it. A friend told me to try out alt picking where I downpick the third string, then up pick the fourth.

Just a curious question, am I a slow learner?
Quote by awesomealvin
Alright, thanks guys, i'm gettin the hang of it. A friend told me to try out alt picking where I downpick the third string, then up pick the fourth.

Just a curious question, am I a slow learner?

No. If you have been playing for two months and can play many whole songs, I would say you are pretty fast learner. Many guys who have been playing for two months can only play open chords and maybe some classic rock riffs like "Smoke on the Water" and "Enter Sandman."

And really, you won't become a great player in a year. It will take time.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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There's no such thing as a slow learner when it comes to playing the guitar. Everybody learns different things in different ways at different speeds, and your progress is solely dependent on the amount of practice you put in and the quality and effectiveness of that practice.

Nobody can make any useful comments on your ability unless they've seen, or at least heard, you play. I'll tell you this from my experience though, 2 months is nothing and I highly doubt you're anywhere near as good as you think you are. There is often a massive difference between being able to play something to your own satisfaction and being able to play it properly. If you're "learning" stuff that's too difficult for you and simply half-assing it over the tricky bits then you're not rely doing anything that's going to help you progress and you're not going to improve anytime soon.

Post a video in the guitar techniques forum and you can get an honest, constructive assessment of your progress, although ill warn you that it might not be what you want to hear
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Trying to get ahead of yourself and play things you aren't comfortable with so soon will only lead you to develop poor technique and bad habits that will become impossible to lose and ultimately limit you permanently. Slow down, get all the basics under your belt - properly - then go from there.

As point of example, chords should be easier with smaller fingers. If you're thinking that chords are hard because you've got small hands then you're doing things really, really backwards.
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