hello, my Wah pedal, the Vox V847, is being a little moody lately:
it is in the beginning of my pedal chain, right after the guitar, and the thing is it suddenly makes all sounds of noises getting out of the amp, wether engaged or not, and I need to quickly to engage it or un-engage it to make the noise disappear.
The Pedal is working, and this problem is not always showing, some times it happens sometimes it don't, and it doesn't matter if it power by a battery or using the one spot.
Can I fix it? I have no experience what so ever, and there's no techs in here, but I can some help I guess from electrical engineering students if needed, but they kow nothing about guitars so I should refer to you guys first.
thanks for your help and time.
there's no professional help in my country Lebanon, there's just the " buy a new one " policy XD
is there anything that i can do?
Without electronics knowledge it's going to be really hard for you to try anything. For someone like myself with electronics knowledge, it's also difficult to troubleshoot based on a rough description. Your best bet is to hook up with some of your engineering friends and see if they can be of service.
Sounds like a mechanical fault (loose connection or faulty switch/pot) causing some switching noise.
Get them to check out the switch and pot (the geared component that actuates when the pedal is tilted).
Also, check battery connector and jack sockets and wires to the PCB.
If it's had a lot of use, these are the most common points to fail.