Hey all, first question so bear with me

Just started playing guitar recently so I'm not too massive on theory yet but I'm curious about this.

So I was watching Let It Be just now and I was wondering what chords Lennon is playing for the intro to Across The Universe??

I've tried looking for chords but only get the tab for the intro and chords for the verse. Is he simply playing random notes that they found pleasing?

Sorry again in this is completely noob, will help me with me understanding though
Never actually watched Let It Be, but the across the universe recording's Chord progresion is:
Dmaj, Bmin, F#min and E7.
And that starts after George's little sitar/indian instrument intro.

And no, its not just random notes that sound pleasing. For being such a pop band, the beatles actually had some complex music, all of it being based around theory and proper musical knowledge.
Sorry if the question seems a bit ambiguous. I know that George uses the sitar for the intro in the recording, but I was kinda speaking specifically of Johns intro during Let It Be.
Im assuming John plays an intro into ATU on Let In Be? cause ^ like i said, havent watched it...
He does. Thats cool. Just hoping someone who has seen it can let me know...
Well, im not sure how it sounds, but you should really look into transcribing (or, learning it by ear)
Not only will it make you a better guitarist, but you also wont have to wait around for someone to tell you
Okay so the tab is on the page I posted a bit earlier. Is anyone able to check out the tab for the intro and convert it into notes/chords?