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I'm about to buy a new amp and I want an Orange.
I was quite sure about the Thunder 30 but then I found a Thunderverb 50 second hand.
The Thunder 30 is €760 new and the Thunderverb 50 is €1000-1100 used.

What do I want?
Good warm and defined cleans (but dark is a plus)
Cleans have to be loud enough for rehearsal with 2 guitar players and a fairly loud drummer but may be on the verge of breaking up (or even breaking up a little)
Gain like a wall of sound but every note is hearable (NOT scooped super gain but great mids)
I play Postrock / postmetal with some doom influences...

Any suggestions, experiences with either of the amps?

Other recommendations for my style of music are also welcome (if u really feel the need :p)

Thanks !
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The Thunderverb is definitely the one you want. Superior tone, superior build quality, more versatility, more headroom for cleans and tigher dirt.
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Ok, and why :p

It is a better sounding amp (not that the TH30 is bad). And the Thunderverb has more control over your tone
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Thunderverb will have far better components, made in England, better resale value, and is overall just a better amp. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of the Thunder/Rocker series but they still don't stack up to a real Thunderverb.