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one of my favourite youtube videos of all time, this whole set is amazing, beautiful music. the first song grooves harder than anything and the second is just beautiful music, simply put. ive been dying to post this for a while and this is the most appropriate place i think

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Have no clue how to post videos..

and lots of other stuff but im into ff9 music right now XD

+1 for Jason Becker
and also David Lanz is like new age not classical

EDIT: Did I post these? XD


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ITT: my computer spends 12 minutes loading.
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Originally Posted by psyks
You are filthy.
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This one is in Dutch, wonder how this sounds to you:

This one, along with the video is too great!

Originally Posted by Tag43

The Pastafarian96 says: Jyrgen and Fat Lard are unscrupulous bastards.

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Originally Posted by Metasponge


Also, this.

+1, I love this song
Originally Posted by robertsanidiot
Jesus died for their sins. It would be a waste if they just didn't sin it up. If you ask me, it's almost unchristian if you DON'T eat the kiddies.
Originally Posted by StewieSwan
Hahaha you short fuck
Originally Posted by due 07
LOL manlet
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the bartender
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Originally Posted by frankv
This one is in Dutch, wonder how this sounds to you:

Fuck yea, Spinvis!

This song was released 11 days after I was born. It's been a soundtrack to my youth.
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Slaters gonna Slate
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This song is so peaceful
Originally Posted by Robchappers
Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

Originally Posted by fearofthemark
10/10 Slater is amazing

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Originally Posted by the bartender
Fuck yea, Spinvis!

This song was released 11 days after I was born. It's been a soundtrack to my youth.

Is it me or do you always show up whenever I mention Spinvis here?

Massive Attack is sweet stuff too.
The Pastafarian96 says: Jyrgen and Fat Lard are unscrupulous bastards.
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Originally Posted by vince1991



Highly underrated Iced Earth song
Idk about MOST BEAUTIFUL, but 2:46 onwards below gives tingles up the spine.


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Probably Little Wing by Hendrix
Originally Posted by The_Casinator
Don't wear suits for the sake of wearing suits, damnit! Wearing suits is for important things only, like binge drinking.

Are you not entertained?

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I think Ave Maria is a pretty beautiful song every time I hear it.
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Originally Posted by damian_91
If only you could back that statement up.
Originally Posted by Zombee
Wolfgang's Philadelphia Study. Look it up yourself.
Originally Posted by damian_91
No need to, absurd generalizations aren't my thing.
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The Twilight Stoned
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Five more I shall include. Most of these are great choices you guys

You can kind of hear the end of The Velvet Underground in this song. Lou Reed's not singing leads in it (he didn't for a few songs on Loaded), it's on the end of their last album before that one shot abomination Squeeze, and it's the very end of their four album masterpiece streak. This album is also them at their most accessible during said streak. It's just such a bittersweet song. It sounds upbeat but it also sounds so sad. One hell of a way to finish off their streak.

You can put almost every song of John Lennon's solo material (well, on his good albums anyways). The vast majority of them are beautiful in their own way. They're all so humanistic and so raw. Whether he screams with such emotion over his parents, or if he fights for his beliefs, or even the many songs about Yoko Ono, you know you're always getting 110% from this guy. I won't say this is his most beautiful, because it's so tough to pick just one, but it certainly ranks up there. This is probably my favorite Yoko Ono song. Just everything about this song gives me emotions.

Anybody who has been on MuMu with me has probably had to listen to this at least once or twice. It may be twelve or so minutes but it honestly doesn't feel like it. It may be a bit hard to get used to her voice at first, but once it clicks, it will never leave you. The lyrics speak volumes and paint such an incredible abstract picture. The harp playing on top of the orchestration is so mystifying. The song just acts cinematically, and when I get to the climactic end, I always have my hair standing on end.

Until My Bloody Valentine's album is released this year (and hopefully won't let me down BUT IT WON'T BECAUSE OF BASED SHIELDS), this closer on my current album of the year (zomg spoilers) is simply mind blowing. Coincidentally, the album cover for Kill for Love looks similar to Loveless's, and I'm sure that's not a coincidence. Chromatics really experimented with layering on this lengthy cinematic album. The whole album has highs and lows about love and heartbreak. It has ambience leaving you in the cold, and uplifting pop tracks to try and give you faith again. The album ends off with this song, as the protagonist waits and waits and is surrounded by fear and nerves knowing that no good will come of this but she still tries anyways. It's so god damn sad

This last song hopefully hasn't been ruined by (500) Days of Summer, and if that movie introduced you to it, then all the better! Probably the most gorgeously facetious love song. It's so dark yet so poetic. So serious yet so playful. The bass is so catchy and the jangly guitars are so inviting, then that string section comes in and finally that final touch of the flute at the middle and at the climactic end always gets to me. I don't care if it's overplayed or overly talked about now. It's still one of my all time favorite songs.
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Originally Posted by SanjePaCapota
pagan poetry is a hermaphrodite

Originally Posted by OVER9000VIDEOS

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Thumbs up

Agalloch - A Desolation Song

Alcest - Sur l'Océan Couleur de Fer

Empyrium - The Ensemble of Silence

Katatonia - Departer

Opeth - Hours of Wealth

Wolves in the Throne Room - Dea Artio

And High Hopes by Pink Floyd, but already here...
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The lyrics speak to me in so many ways
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Oh dear, where to begin.
Actually just posted this song in another thread.


Originally Posted by Axelfox
You can't spell rap without cRap

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The first video in the OP has parts that remind me of Funeral for a Friend by Elton John.

That's all I have to say here. Carry on.
Originally Posted by Trowzaa
I wish I was American.

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I'm a sucker for classic epics: Freebird.
I really love that first min or so opening. It always harps some emotion out of me, and that's how I measure a song in "feeling".
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when you inject post-rock, ambient and shoegaze into your veins daily, one cannot simply pick just one song. I feel I could probably give an entire page worth of songs.. not to mention some have already posted songs I would have.
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One of the most beautiful songs I've heard recently.
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Originally Posted by primusfan
> from louisville
> likes ween
> new favorite poster
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