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Hi I've been playing guitar for some time now just strumming and some flat picking but lately I've gotten into fingerstyle guitar and I do alot of travis picking. And while my old takamine is great for strumming its not much on the side of fingerstyle seeing as how it has a horrible action. So needless to say I'm looking for a good fingerstyle guitar and have it narrowed down to these 4 brands but would like to hear your opinion on which brand and which model plus whether or not to get mahogany or rosewood. (If you have other guitar brands that you think are better I would like to hear those too)
Price Range-$1000-$2000
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have you considered a classical guitar, they are usually much better for fingerstyle than any of the above
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My brother has a Martin HD28, and it's one of the sickest guitars I've ever heard! The fullness of the sound and how it plays with such ease. Great guitar, you should look closer at Martin!
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Wrong forum, this isn't a technique. Try the acoustic forum.

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Quote by Bad Kharmel
have you considered a classical guitar, they are usually much better for fingerstyle than any of the above

Fingerstyle and classical guitar are not the same.

Hope this will just get moved to the Acoustic section,

@OP, have you tried any of them out? That is the biggest thing it comes down to. But, for some words of advice.

A lot of fingerstyle players like rosewood over hog for the pronounced overtones. It still comes down to personal preference as many also use hog. You need to play them and see which you prefer.

The action of the guitar all depends on the set up. Generally fingerstyle guitars will be set up with a much lower action as attack is much less then strumming.

Tonal qualitys again, it's all preference as is for feel, but there are some things to be aware of. Larrivee's L model is a hybrid btwn a classical and dreadnaught. It was designed to be an 'all around guitar' - one that fingerpicks well and strums. It does produce it's own unique tone though, so if you like that Martin sound, you may not like Larrviee's balanced one.

Generally, people will gravitate towards a guitar with wider string spacings as to give the fingers more room to pick with.

Martin guitars have a 1 11/16's nut
Larrivee L and a few other models have 1 3/4 nut
Tak's I believe are 1 11/16
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