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i need your help. i want to do the solo over a riff, but i just cant the right scale im searching for. somehow it sounds always wrong. the notes of the riff are on the pic below. i want to do a kind of metal/rock/blues solo, but somehow it doesnt work out. so i dont really know anything about theory, so could you tell me what key the riff is and what scales in which keys are fitting over it? it doesnt matter if pentatonic, harmonic minor or something else, anything that could sound good over that part .
From what you gave us most likely it's in the key of a minor, but in can be in the key of c minor and they used the wrong notes and accidentals for the third to last note. From the four measures given you can argue what note it resolves to.

EDIT: Now after playing it several times it definitely resolves to a minor.
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If it doesn't sound right, are you playing the solo in 3/4 like the rest of the song? I don't want to insult anybody's timing but that could be something an inexperienced guitarist overlooks. Also, I'd use A minor over that and see how it sounds.
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No more handouts in MT, loving the new think and work it out campaign you have got going on here haha

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No sharps or flats in the key signature meng.

C major/A minor

That doesn't tell anything because the tabber might not just have written the key signature. And also C major is incorrect answer.

EDIT: Try to sing a melody over it, don't just grab your guitar and start playing scales up and down. That doesn't get you anywhere. You don't need any scales to be able to sing something over it. Then try to find the notes you sang with your guitar.

Also try to find the chord progression. What chords are you playing in the riff? What chord feels like "home" in the song. (Try all of the chords in the song.)
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