hey everyone

First time comment here but im looking for some suggestions as to a pretty hard finger picking song. i feel like i can official stop calling myself a begginer now as i got a break through with my finger picking and want to really push it further now so i can call myself a guitarist lol.

Ideally a song that i would need to work on as a number of songs i've tryed end up being less impresive than they sound and don't take long to master.
Suggest A Song Thread

Road Trippin - RHCP (not hard, but certainly not beginner)

Any Tommy Emmanuel tune.
There's a whole thread for this over in the acoustic & classical guitar thread here at UG: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=239276

But if you really want a tough ass fingerpicking challenge that will take some dedication and practice and will blow some minds if you pull it off try something like this...