Despise For Hope is the name of the band and they have:

A Full cover of shattering the skies above by trivium!
and 2 of there own songs!

Recorded on a home computer, so quality isnt the best! but I think it sounds pretty awesome!

Vocals done with a shitty computer mic with a sock over it (you can't tell) and Guitar rig 5 and superior drummer is what I used to record the instrumental side of things!

To start off, I'm not a metal fan, but from a musical standpoint, it's pretty good. The drums/guitars seem to be in decent time with each other. If I were you, I'd work with the eq of the guitars and drums. On the drums, you may want to lower the mids on your cymbals and slightly on the snare mic. For the guitars, try recording two different guitars, panned 80/20 to the left and right respectively. This will create a more full tone to the guitars.
I Don't mean to offend, but judging by the description, you don't sound like you have much experience with recording. It will greatly improve over time. I've been going about it for about two and a half years, and it's still far from perfect. Although compared to our first recording, it sounds like studio quality.
You can check out my songs here if you want. There still works in progress.

Has similarities to old school ATR. Music is cool. Cover is spot on.

Vocals: Your scream sounds great. Absolutely. Work on your annunciation though, as it sounds like you have a large cylindrical object in your throat for your lows. Other than that, the vocals are punchy and it sounds like you ripped out Heafy's throat and installed it for the cover song.

Production: Everything fits nicely. I'd get rid of some of the production on the vocals. Something makes it sound like you are singing a bit into a tin can. I'm guessing its the 'verb. We had issues getting vocals to sound quite right as well, and it is a bit of black magic. Once you find the sweet spot it will sound sick.

One question, are your screams quiet or loud compared to your talking voice?
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