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I could easily see that happening with my bandmates, bar any roadies. That's why I ALWAYS carry my amp anywhere it goes. Guitars have harshell cases, and are lighter for people that can't handle heavy things. I just don't trust anyone else carrying my amp. If they ever ask, I always give them the answer of "I just don't want to risk something happening to it. I understand you'll be careful, and I don't EXPECT something to go wrong, but I would rather me be the one to drop it so that I can only be pissed at myself instead of having to be pissed at somone else"

Usually, they're perfectly fine with carrying lighter shit.
Given the way you are Cath, I would just assume you just tear down the amp, and carry bags of components wherever you want your amp, assemble and play.
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You know, that does seem more like what he would do. It wouldn't suprise me if, in addition to his collection of JJ's sew into his jacket lining, he doesn't carry around all of the components to make an 18w clone on the spot in any given circumstance.
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