Nevermind, I put it all into one now so that I'm not as annoying, here ya go, even put them in zip files and everything for you. Sorry people.

Grindcore is the 4 v1.5 one, it's stuff from my band, fans of Pig Destroyer, Me And Him Call It Us, Discordance Axis, Ed Gein etc.

Fixer is math rock stuff, literally just noodling around and tabbing out when I have spare time, it could be a fun side project.

Will crit back.

PS, I expect "what is this, stop it" about the grindcore, if Ometh were here he might like some it it, maybe.
4 v1.5.zip
instrumental ideas.gp5
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And the reason you couldn't make one thread with a zip file is, because....???
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The reason for that is because they're all completely different genres, someone might want to listen a post rock song and not a grindcore song and vice versa. Plus 3am and drunk.

EDIT: Okay sorry I fixed it.
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