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I think you'll have to sell a kidney for one of those. And I hear the waiting period is hell.

Last I heard is that he was going to fill existing orders and then stop. So the waiting period is beyond hell now. Well maybe hell if it was frozen over.
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I'd love one of those Gibson Grabber '70s reissue. It just looks so good in black to me...
I already got mine.

A Second BP-8, it is getting the Locking Power Mod this week.

Now I will have 4 Preamps in the signal path, 3 12AX7's.

Who knows how this will sound, John Entwistle was doing the same thing.

Gave the dual BP-8 idea a try.
The extended tube tone came at the cost of significant hiss that the Tone Shaping section of my Amp in solid state could do with much less hiss.

So, I am sticking with 3 preamps and a total of 2 12ax7's. mission accomplished. Spare BP-8 is ready in case of failure.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Ibanez 506 bm , ESP LTD B-416 ns, Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass in wine red or a 5 string version of the Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass.

I'd also happily have a Gallien Kruegar Fusion 550 (mainly because of the motorised pots. Its the small things in life that amuse me)
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Bassists are going the way of the panda
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