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I absolutely want to love the Explorer. The sound is great, I think the whole ZZ-top kinda look is absolutely fantastic. I think the guitar's got a lot of understated class and a lot of grit...

...but I absolutely hate the necks. I would totally love it if only I did.

Anyone else have tragedies like these?
I would love schecter if I could stand the necks. I can't. Maybe there's some Schecter out there with a neck I can love. Someday.

I also can't stand any guitar with a large square bolt-on neck. It's AANJ, set neck, neck through or nothing.
I love the the sound and shape of a Telecaster, I just have never found a neck on one I really liked. I've grown pretty attached to the real fat late 50's Les Paul style necks and I just don't feel right playing a guitar that doesn't have one. If I could find a Tele with a baseball bat neck, I'd probably buy it. (unless it's crazy expensive or has some lame paint job on it)
Fenders- I have seen some gorgeous ones, but for some reason, they never feel right when I strap one on.
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strats. theres something about basic SSS and HSS Fender strats that I just can't function with. Every time I play one, it doesn't sound like my playing coming out of the other end- it feels totally disconnected from what I think it should be doing. It sucks a bit because I'd love to have a strat for versatility and the tones. I even like the playability of them. they just don't seem to translate my playing very well. Super strats, high-end strats (G&L, Suhr) and what not work just fine, but dead basic strats just don't work for me.

also, I find SG's really awkward as well. After a major shoulder injury, my arm doesn't rotate properly, and it ends up sitting really funny on SG shaped guitars. There's something about how I want to hold an SG (higher mostly- think how Sam Hannah holds his) and where my arm falls that just doesn't feel good. It's the only guitar I've had this issue with, and it forced me to sell my long-time workhorse guitar because I couldn't play it properly at the height I wanted.
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I really, really want to like Ibanez RGs. They're one of the few guitar brands that have a certain 'mojo' about them (think Gibson, Fender), and they really do exude a kind of cool intensity. I can pick up their Les Paul-styled guitars and really enjoy them. But the RGs just don't do it for me. I can be on their website and think, man, I WANT that RG, but if I sit down and play it it's just like... argh, not happening.
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Firebirds. Love the look. Love the sound. But I can not for the life of my learn to like the necks on them.

Damn sexy guitars though
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les pauls...i lov ethe look and the sound form them but they just dont feel rght in my hands

Same here. I can't seem to find a Les Paul that I like.
Other than this one Studio that was PERFECT.

I noticed. A lot of the problems seem to be with necks
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Les Pauls as well. Fat. Chunky. Uncomfortable. Poor pup definition. Cool when Slash playes em,but just dont work for me.

Im a Strat guy.
I want to love Epiphone Wilshires. I think they look awesome, but the necks suck, and I don't get down with Epiphone.
Gotta agree with alot of posters... Les Pauls are pretty uncomfortable, way too heavy.

Most of my favorite guitarists (Page, Moore, Hazel) from the 70's used them, and they look the coolest and sounded great. But everytime I've picked one up and played they didn't sound very good, especially for the price tag. I don't know what it is with Gibsons but the quality of a given guitar is hit or miss.

Also the neck on the back feels sticky... I hate the finish they use, despite how cool it looks. I could give a crap though nobody is looking at the back of my guitar.
I'm almost the same as you. Explorers. Absolutely love the way they look (2 of my favorite bands are Coheed and Dethklok), but I just can't get along with the body. I don't know to put my arm or how to sit with it... depressing.
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Same for me with Explorers, Rooster.
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I love the way ebony fingerboards look and sound. Had to sell my 70's custom Les Paul because of how much I hate the feel of it.
Pointy guitars.

Nothing screams rock & roll like a V or some of the other outlandish shapes you find on brands like Minarik. I love the look!

But just like Fenders, I find them uncomfortable, albeit in a completely different way.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Telecasters ... but the headstock always kills it for me. I ****ing hate it and I don't know why.
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Flying V's and SG's... why the hell do the necks need to dive? I love listening to people playing them and I have a Epi G-400 but it's not something I'd play standing up because of the lack of balance. Also, it freaking goes off tune when you sit/stand up or place the guitar on a table or anything.
Ibanez Iceman. I grew up looking at them thinking "one day... one day I will own one". Then I played a few and was just like... no.

I love the telecaster sound but I hate the shape. I would totally love it if only I did.
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BC Rich Mockingbirds. I really love the settings, the finish, the floyd rose, but why did they have to put THAT neck on it?

I love the Firebird neck, btw. Might build a Mockingbird-body-Firebird-neck-guitar one day. Soon.
Me too for the Les Pauls, I really don't like the painted necks, even tried to sand down the neck a bit on one to make it go. Love both the look and the sound, but hate to play them.

I like the idea of them. I really like how ESP does their LP guitars but as for actual Gibson LP guitars they are too heavy, too expensive, I hate the colouring and I am not a fan of the pickups used in them.
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Firebirds. Love the look. Love the sound. But I can not for the life of my learn to like the necks on them.

Damn sexy guitars though

Same with me. Been ogling them for years, but I played one at a shop the other day and hated it. The neck was too thick for me and the gloss finish on it really restricted me.

Also SGs. I think they're very cool guitars (despite the Angus Young stereotype) but I've not found one with a neck I like.
Strats - I love them, when other people play them. But i just can't work with them. The sound is too thin and twangy for me, it just doesn't suit my playing style. Yet strangely, i'm ok with teles, mustangs, jazzmasters etc.
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Only a real man can play and love the Explorer.

I love mine and it loves me.

Personally it's got to be Ibanez, I love them but can't play their necks anymore.

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Funny, my V has never had this problem. Perhaps because it's particularly light so the weight just evens out in a certain way.

Yeah I've heard some of them don't and some of them do neckdive. So it's a matter of finding one that does not.
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Telecasters ... but the headstock always kills it for me. I ****ing hate it and I don't know why.


The Fender Tele headstock is just so lame.
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Ibanez. I want to love them because they do 7 strings that are decent in quality for their price but i wish they did thicker necks. I wish the pickups in the RGA7 didn't suck so hard either.

I wish D necks were more common on guitars in general.
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Yeah I've heard some of them don't and some of them do neckdive. So it's a matter of finding one that does not.

My Gibson V is super light and balances perfectly. I've never heard of a Flying V that wasn't like that unless it was a cheap copy.
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The Ibanez Satch model. Loved the way it played, looked, and sounded, but the body was kind of small so I couldn't play it sitting down comfortably.
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I had a Gretsch 5120 that I wanted to love. I really tried, but I hated the bridge and felt like I was going to put my hip through the back any time I took to jumping around with it a bit while playing. I really liked the looks and the Bigsby, loved the neck, hated the upper fret access, and hated having to set the intonation any time I rested my hand on the bridge.
I feel the same way about explorers. I love the look of them but every one of them iv sat down with has a large neck and the craftsmanship on the neck always looks pretty shoddy, even on the Gibsons. Pretty dissapointing.

Fender Strats, I want to like them, the brown sunbursts with maple necks are beautiful and when I sit down with them I love them, except for that damn neck joint. I get that it's traditional and it's the way it's always been made, but seriously fender can't you have just one strat with a decent neck joint?
Ibanez. The necks are so thin they cripple my hands and I can't play one for more than about thirty or forty seconds before the pain becomes too much, but I love their proprietary bridges and the feel of some of their body designs.

Explorers, Firebirds, SGs and Vs, they all look so great for playing chunky rhythm on, but I can't put up with the balance problems. I know there's fixes for it, drilling new strap button holes, buying double-wide straps and all that, but I can't be bothered. That stuff is no use when I'm changing guitars every song and want to keep the same strap and position.

Strats, because the volume control is in the worst position possible and the jack plate is a pain. Shame, because I love the tone and features. I just wish Leo Fender had put more time into the design of his guitars as practical instruments, rather than knocking them together to be as quick to produce as possible.

All big jazzboxes, archtops and dreadnought acoustics. I'm not a big guy, I physically can not reach around (hoho!) them to play 'em properly, so out they go.

I'm basically stuck with the thickest necks, the most basic controls and the smallest, simplest bodies. If it's not an early-50s style Telecaster, I can't play it. Shame, because there are so many other guitars I would love to be able to use.
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Most Teles that I played, the neck usually feels awkward on them. The sound and looks of them are amazing, but the necks, for the most part, are unbearably awkward.

On Strats (and copies), the Volume knob is in the weirdest place. I have to move my hand up a bit since it's in the way. That's why I'm going to make my own pickguard for my Kramer Focus. I want the Volume moved and I want a single tone knob.

Also, why is there all of the Les Paul hate? Out of the few Epi and Gibson Les Pauls I've played, I didn't mind the neck. I actually find them comfortable to play, and they aren't that heavy (well, to me). Now, I can't really say about Gibson's pickups since I haven't tried them out sice I put Seymour Duncans in my Epi.

Quote by Wesbanez
Ibanez Iceman. I grew up looking at them thinking "one day... one day I will own one". Then I played a few and was just like... no.


From the Iceman that I played, I loved the feel of it. The neck on it feels much better than other Ibanez guitars that I played. I also want to try out a Fireman and see how I like that.
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Strats. As much as I hate to say it, as my only electric guitar is one, but I've realized that it just can't support my playing style (rhythm, but it feels good for leads), and it can't give me the sound I want. From testing trials at GC, I've realized that Les Pauls would really be ideal (plus I've realized that the only one of my guitar idols that plays a Strat is Jimi Hendrix, but he's my 1# and the reason I bought one). But, I can't play LPs, the neck is just way too big, or my hands are just way too small. So, I'm going to try to find some compromise in preparing for my next electric guitar purchase.

Also, Ibanezes. I like the vibe of Ibanez guitars, they're more than shredders. But the necks, way too flat. I like more of a Fender curved but narrow feel.
I admit that as much as I like SGs I cannot play an Epi or Gibson one, I just can't stand the neck. I just don't like Gibson necks, I was offered a great deal on a Gibson SG a few months back (a small store that deals only in used guitars and more in band instruments then guitars it had been severely marked down). I just did not like the neck at all, though a LTD viper might be in my future.

I love Fender products as well, especially teles but will never buy a strat because I don't like trem systems. I've watched enough videos that I can work with them (locking and non), just I don't like them and prefer a hard tail and as such I will most likely never get a strat although they are great and versatile guitars.

I don't get all the explorer dislike I had an EX 50 and found it profoundly simple to sit with, I even got my step daughter to hold it as joke picture. Now if the cat hadn't of had enjoyed rubbing the pointy end so much.
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Beautiful acoustics with dead frets.

I've go a few friends who's guitars are absolutely gorgeous, but they have so many dead frets, right around where I like to play.
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