Hi all!
So basically I want to get a cheap multi effects unit, any thoughts on which ones superior? Or any other reccomendations?

Any inputs appreciated.
Most of the various Zoom multi effects units I have tried seem to be constructed more like cheap toys. But I haven't tried the G1N.
Nor I have I tried the Vox Stomplab.
I have tried the Vox Tonelab though and I liked it.
There is a forum for Vox Valvetronix (and the Tonelab) that may give you an idea of its capabilities, as well is potential problems, here : http://www.valvetronix.net/valvetronix/
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I was leaning towards the vox stomplab as I have previously owned a different zoom multi effects pedal that didn't last all too long. Thanks for the reply mate.
Admittedly the earlier Zoom stuff was quite cheap...both in looks and sound...but the G5 I recently bought is absolutely brilliant It has pretty much everything you could need in a multi fx..and the sound is very good quality. The vox Tonelab pedals are very good too. You can get some really classy tones out of them, thanks to the tube.
Ah I see, so maybe the zoom wouldn't be so out the question, I'll have a ponder on it and do my research, thanks guys