I'm looking into picking up a 70's Traynor YBA-1 amp head. I'm not certain yet, but I've got a feeling that it may need a recap. I'll know for sure when I try it out.

Anyways the reason I'm posting this thread, is to determine if it is feasible for me to recap the amp myself, or if I should seek professional help.

I have some soldering experience, and I have done some electronics courses in college, so I have a basic understanding on how it works, just not a lot of firsthand experience.

If I have to bring it to a tech, does anybody have a ballpark figure of what it will cost me? The main reason why I don't want to bring it to a tech, is because I'm new to the province, and I don't really know what the quality of the work will be, or who I should trust with my gear. Maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid, but I knew my last tech very well, and I would trust him completely with my gear.
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Looks like it would be no trouble with the tagboard layout.

Definitely worth doing yourself if you can solder alright.
If you want firsthand experience, here's your chance

Do a little reading on servicing tube amps. There are a few safety issues you should be aware of (i.e. high voltages).

You will find some caps are no longer common values anymore. Basically, if there is any doubt, get the cap with the higher voltage rating.
One thing you want to watch is the first supply cap after the rectifier (something like 80uF). Don't go and put a larger capacitance one in as the old tube rectifiers have a limit to their impulse current when switched on and you can damage them by forcing them to charge up bigger caps.
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^ great answer.

Keep in mind the electrolytic are polarized. Make notes before you remove them.

Otherwise it gets messy. And smelly.
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