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I've been playing guitar for about 3 years. Never took lessons, just learned through the internet and simply just jammin to a beat.... I'm trying to start creating some songs.. I can make up some decent riffs, but im having trouble building off those riffs, like blending the riff into another riff or something .. just looking for some advice, or maybe an article on this somewhere... help would be appreciated
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I suppose people will say that you must learn music theory and then it'll be easier. They're probably right but I've never learned theory at all.

I suggest that you look at some musicians you like. Listen to their music and see how they do transitions. Improvise from what you observe.
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Good advice, I believe what Akula meant to say is if you're stuck at a transition, maybe look at other songs for inspiration (in the same key??) and analyze how they do their transitions.

Music theory could help you figure out all of the possible transitions (of which there are hundreds if not thousands); for example it could show you all the different keys and chords you could modulate to.