Hey there, i'm looking for some pointers on my cover so I can improve it as i'll probably re-record it at some point (likely to be when I get my cast off). There are a few timing issues for sure, and maybe a few voice lessons are required but anything specific would be greatly appreciated!

Please let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you
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Yeah, its cool.

Your voice is good pitch wise but sounds a little breathless and short. Just a few lessons with a singing coach could sort that.

I prefer a more finger style strumming pattern on this song - there's a few lessons on Youtube that cover this. (might not be possible with the cast on?)




I like this version to


and this

This is a really good cover, personally I would recommend lowering it a bit. You're hitting all the notes fine but as someone else said you sound a little out of breath. It might be that you're a bit out of your comfort zone. I really enjoyed this anyway!
Sorry for the late reply!

I really like the lyrics in this I can't really say much about your singing because I know absolutely nothing about it myself haha. Mad props for playing with a cast too, that takes some really motivation haha My playing is crippled by a cut thumb or finger, so I can't imagine what a cast you do :P Hope that all works out soon for you!

Nice song! I enjoyed it!
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