I decided to try out New Standard Tuning on this old guitar I have that I abuse for purposes such as this. The only way I could get it to work safely with said guitar and the string set I had on it at the time was to tune it down 2 steps, and I thought it sounded cool so I wrote this song. I tried to make it groovy without resorting to the djent thing because it's too easy and sounds silly, although aspects do appear. Part way through measure 76, there would be a solo. I rarely write solos in GP, so maybe try to imagine one and tell me what you think it should sound like. Also tell me whether you think it blows on the whole or not. I'll do the same for one of your songs.

EDIT: I wrote this in TuxGuitar and then exported it as a GP5, which apparently resulted in the pinch harmonics in measures 46 - 49 sounding stupid. Just so you know.
nst song.gp5
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Sounds more metalcorey than anything. It's not bad, and NST is fun to play around with, but this sounds a bit stale. We've all heard these sort of ideas before. 64 was nice harmonically, and I bet there could be a nice solo over it, although part of me thinks the riff is too busy to put the listener's full attention on the lead.

Crits for the link in my sig are appreciated, although not the first song preferably. It's ironically prone to some of the same criticisms I applied to this piece lol
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