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Hi, i was thinking about getting a new pickup for christmas, and was wondering what some good suggestions there are to have a Eddie van halen tone. I saw the Wolfgang and Frankenstrat custom pickups and was wondering about other peoples opinions of them, and also if i would have to do anything except take out the stock pickup and just solder the new pickup right in.

I have and Spider line 6 MKII 40 watt tube amp
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A new amp would help immensely.

As far as pickups go, ignore anything Eddie says about pickups. On the first album he used both his custom rewound one and just plain stock Ibanez ones so not much sound comes from those. It's all in the amp.
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Definitely a new amp.

But if you're persistant on pickups, the SD JB in the bridge, 59 in the neck?
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tone zone/ air norton or liquifire (however you spell it).

they are a little bit closer than JB/59.

i have two wolfgangs, and the pickups remind me more of the TZ/AN or LF than anything else.

i would check out BG pickups. pretty much 100% custom and hand wound. cheaper than most SD's or Dimarzios. i will be buying a few when ever i stop buying amps.
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well if changing the pickups wont make much of a difference then im guessing ill just stick with the ones i have. my amps only a couple years old and I like it so ill probably just stick with it for a few more years thanks for the advice.