I have been playing guitar for about 10 months now and i have a question.
I learned fingerpicking by myself, but when i do this i pretty much never use my index finger, unless when im required to pluck 5 strings or something.

Should i teach myself to also use my index finger or isn't this a bad thing?

Glad to hear your thoughts about this subject

Shouldn't be a problem. Nobody can really tell you what's "proper" picking technique. Whether you're using a a pick or your fingers. There's no such thing as proper picking. If it's comfortable for, then do it. A guitar is your "personality expressed through six strings". Since everyone is different then nobody can tell you that your style, or how you play guitar, is bad. It is a part of who you are!
Its probably worth learning to use your index finger just for those occasions when you do need it. Its not a bad thing, its just whatever you are most comfortable with.