I need a new amp. I need something that's powerful enough to play in a band that's still clean at high volumes. I play mainly hard rock and some metal. Have a look at my covers on Youtube to see what sort of tones I like to get and what would suit my style the best. Thank you!
blackstar all the way. cheap and good quality, plus james hetfield has been using them lately if youre into his sound
Thanks, I was thinking Blackstar already. How will that work with my 'Eruption' tone? (see video) By the way doesn't Hetfield use Randall or is Kirk the only one?
Good reliable amps:

THe 110 is loud enough to play in most live applications.
Plus has a Line out for going direct to P.A.

Speaking of Direct to P.A. You should give it a try with some of the newer Modelling units.
Most are designed to do both Direct to P.A. while simultaneously going to an amp.

3 of the best I can think of:
Digitech RP355/RP500 series
Fender Mustang Floor (this IS a real Fender amp, just without the Speaker)
POD HD300/400/500 series

You could bring any sound you wanted. Any volume.
I use mine direct to P.A. and don't even bring an Amp anymore.