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So I have had this idea for a few years, but I have neither the gear or the knowledge to mod a guitar. I thought, therefore, I might submit this idea to some who do have the gear and/or knowledge and get opinions.

First: I've always loved the look of the Fender Toronado Deluxe , but always thought that, as instruments, they'd be way more versatile if they had the coils tapped. So, supposing one had such an instrument, would one need to install new pickups in order to tap the coils, or could it be done with the stock pickups (perhaps with push-pull volume or tone knob switches like on the Schecter Tempest)? Either way, how much could it potentially cost to get that job done?

Second: This one is more involved. I love those offset waist designs, so would it be feasible to use a Toronado or Jazzmaster/Jaguar body but give it 3 single-coils, and instead of a 5-way blade selector switch, have an individual toggle off/on for each pickup in its place? That way you get 7 combinations instead of 5. From what little I know, one would need the body to have a universal route instead of its original route, but I don't know what it would take to make that happen. I assume that would add to the cost of the customization.

Please understand, I'm not placing an order here, just getting estimates in case I ever, like, win the lottery or something.

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depends on if the humbuckers are four conductor wiring or two. If they are four, you can coil tap.

You could do that. I do it on my strat.
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