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ITT: 16 year old TS thinks that scout bars are high end gigs.
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You could ask where do they find thier clothes? That or learn to sow.
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Take a page out of The Beatles' playbook. Dress up. Look classy. Nobody wants to see a bunch of hobos dance around stage, dress like you own the place!
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Levi's 511 (You can get them for around $25 on sale)
Vans slip ons ($30)
Light t-shirt ($5 a piece anywhere)
Occasional sweaters(for the biddies)

I wore that on stage every show. Seriously as long as you have a decent sense of style you'll look fine. People will definitely know if you're trying too hard to look like a "rockstar" on stage however and that's lame. None of these are expensive and they're all extremely versatile.
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It's funny because there's an empty radius around him as well.
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You don't want to look like a poser as it's pretty lame, but dressing aeropostale while the rest of your band is wearing black shirts and jeans would be pretty uncomfortable so if you really want to get band t-shirts go to Hot Topic's website or store if there's one near you.

I think you could get some in a Target or Wal Mart, but then again it's been a while since I was on the US, I'm mexican.
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well everybody in my band just wears what they causally wear for example
I generally wear a black tank top with a half buttoned/unbuttoned shirt and blue or gray skinny jeans/pants and i usually wear black loafers or combat boots with it but everybody else just wears everything from jerseys to pjs lol

But the most important thing besides the music/performance of course is the hair if you have a bowl cut and look like a freeze dried turtle you mine as well just wear a pink bath robe and a pair of crocs
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Just dress like a normal guy.


I wear this when playing/going to concerts..

Or, if I'm feeling slightly dressier, one of these.

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So, something along those lines is appropriate for most places.
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But theres no reason why i cant be free like a raspberry stuck to the back of a horny elephants ass.

This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Attention TS: Everybody who is giving you shit has a good point, but I'm going to help you out. Get yourself a few black t-shirts, whatever kind of jeans suit you, and some canvas Vans/Converse. Done. That should let you fit in at just about any gig without trying to be something you're not (wearing shirts for bands you don't listen to, etc).

P.S. What the **** are rock boots? Can you link to a pic of your band?
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if your mates actually wear these please don't even try to dress like them or you run the risk of being a massive try hard queef stain lolololololololololololol
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P.S. What the **** are rock boots? Can you link to a pic of your band?

Idk, but it sounds like something from the flintstones.

I imagine he means combat, hiking, industrial, steam punk or something probably embellished with studs and/or spikes. Either way it seems uncomfortable for everyday wear.
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