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Hey guys, I've got PRS tuned to dropped B. Right now, the strings on it are 12-60, but they aren't really cutting it. I see D'addario have a neat set of strings from 14-68. Would my PRS's 25" scale handle the really heavy strings or would it translate really poorly? Thanks!
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I used to use 11-68 on my 7 string and had no problems unless I tuned up. Even then, it was still playable a step up. You should be fine.
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You'll be fine, provided you get your nut reslotted and the tuners can fit the lower gauge strings.
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I would just try .13's first, it might work. You don't want to do anything too drastic to start.
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I think it should be good, with a proper set up. I just saw a video where the guitarist of Red said he uses a 70 gauge set on his PRS for Drop B.

I had an 11-70 set on my Les Paul. It was a little muddy and the top end was too loose, but the bottom end felt good and tight. I know it's a different scale length, but not by much.