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:O that is all crazy like my friend. Great work!
The Rig of Joy:
Stiff Amplification Dirthead 20w
Bugera 2x12 Cab
Fender Partscaster Korean Made
Epiphone Prophecy
Washburn Southern Cross 34 of 100
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Dammit, you need to just build me a guitar out of your shear benevolence. I'd be willing to lay down some dough
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Indeed, expect it in the mail by saturday.

I didn't get it.

How much would you sell this guitar or one like it for? Just curious, I love this build.
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We talking complete, or the way it is?

Complete. You can send me a PM if you don't want to say here. I'm just curious, I'm not even a fan of explorers, just your explorers.
That guitar has more rails than the Jubilee Line

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Gief! You have no idea how badly I want one of these. Next time I am holiday near to where you are based I am placing an order, I would also like to know how much you would let something like this go completely naked.

If you could PM me that would be very nice

Good god that kicks ass. That has to be one of most killer-looking explorers i have ever seen.
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dafuq, i kno jokes dont wwork when u hav to explain them but now im confused. was the mention of a "bugera" amp a euphemism for anal sex ?