This is my take for NeoGeoFanatic's Contest ... its a backing track that i improvise on ^^
I used E phrygian Dominant in this video

rate & share if u like

feedback is welcomed so as for "C4C"
-Jackson DK2M [Black]
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Cheers \m/ \m/
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Hey man, thanks for your comment, it means a lot. However, another of your awesome videos. I'm really surprised this is an improvisation - you played this so smoothly and with such a confidence like this is something you worked on with ages. Great playing and idea, you managed to keep the main concept on the backing track with your lead and it feels on place. Again, great cover, good luck with the contest, hope you will win it!
Beast improv, dude! If I didn't know better I would have thought you'd rehearsed this.

I think one way you could set yourself apart from a lot of other players would be to experiment with different rhythmic patterns in the soloing to bring out the groove of the backing track.

Thanks for your comment on my cover, and good luck in the competition!
Not my style, but you play fantastic! Good timing! Good luck on the contest!

thanks for checking my vid
Thanks a bunch for the crit! Love the improv man. Nice and clean, great tone, and awesome phrasing! I liked the whammy bar use at 1:04 especially. Keep it up, and goodluck with the competition!
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Well very nice playing and different arpeggios that we arent really used to it good job!
If this was 100% improvised then this is ****ing impressive. Good job.
to be honest ... some of those licks i already knew and putting them together and sounding good was a bit lucky , but the rest is improvised

and thnx for ur comments ^^
-Jackson DK2M [Black]
-Vox Tonelab ST
-Randall RX-15M

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Cheers \m/ \m/
Watching guys like you make me realise that I've a long way to go lol.

That was excellent, very clean, Good use of licks, Gunna echo super_strat and say the same about the rhythmic element, but thats really nit picking.

Good job bai, and good luck with the competition
Hey man this is awesome!
Really enjoyed it, you have some great note choice in there, my ears perked a few times listening to that (:

Great tone too