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Everything I can play that's blues is in e or a, how do I get around this annoying wall? Any help would be awesome!
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play things that aren't blues in E or A.

it's really that simple. listen to music that isn't blues. learn some new things. at the very least, learn some blues tunes that aren't in E or A.
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Really? I can't believe I'm reading this. You need us to tell you how to solve your problem?

How about some blues in Bbm? How about some blues in G? Problem solved yet?

How about some country? How about some jazz? Problem solved.
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Tune your guitar to Eb.
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Learn rockabilly songs that tend to be written in piano tonalities, like G# or A#, or even F (Chuck Berry, Little Richard).
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It's better if you ask for not blues in e song recommendations, I think.