I recorded a song earlier tonight which I wrote around July. I don't think the song is anything particularly spectacular and my voice screws up at a few points, but I kind of felt like sharing it just to see how it sounded. This song is called All the Time, and its about a child who was abandoned by their parents and still thinks that they're coming back.


And yes, I will C4C. Thanks.
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I don't think the song is anything particularly spectacular

You would be wrong there mate really impressed with your track. The guitar work is really nice and your vocals are really good. The few slips are minor. The pacing of the song is really good really like how it flows together you got that nailed man. Theres a bit of noise on your recording is the only crit I would give, but thats more a technical issue the song writing is really great. Very emotive and think a lot of people would relate to this track. Great to to here some original acoustic stuff.

Anyways keep up the good work, thats a high calibre of songwriting skill you got there.
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hey nice one mate, the song is good, as good as any other song you can hear on MTV, didnt notice any flaws in your playing, but I have to say that the vocals are the weak part of the song hehehe, although you can sing much better than me xD

anyway dont worry about that you can always find someone to sing it for you!

good jobz!