Hi everyone, i've always asked here before buying equipment and your opinions saved me a lot of troubles and made me get good deals i really enjoyed, so here I am again asking advice for an acoustic guitar. I'm buying them second-handed so I will obviously have to try them first, but at the moment the guitars i'm interested in are:

TAKAMINE EG523SC-B (400&euro
IBANEZ JSA5 signature (400€ but I'd hope to drop that to at least 300 since 400 is the retail price)
YAMAHA APX700 (300€ and i guess that's more of a safe buy for what i could read/here in various reviews)
and the last piece that was quite fascinating me was a FENDER DG31SCE with solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides at the good deal of 250€. Back in 2000's the retail price for that was 799$ so i'm guessing that would be a good deal, but the thing is I've only tried really low-end fender acoustics and I never liked them, and i couldn't find a single review on this guitar, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about it.

As I said all these guitars are second-handed, so I'll definitely try them out before buying, but since they're all in different places and 30-60minutes drive i'd like to get an idea and eventually buy it straightforward if I won't find any major issue.
Also, i play a bit of everything but i'm more interested in playing blues on acoustic

Thank you in advance for your help! It's always really appreciated