So, I've been playing for awhile now, but I never really had much experience with the guitars themselves as far as hardware and everything. My uncle, who bought me my guitar and such, did all the work.

I can re-string and do the simple stuff, but lately I've been having problems with even that.

Anyway. Lately if i re-string my Jackson/Charvel my 2nd string ALWAYS breaks while tightening. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong here, and how much slack should I be leaving.

Second issue, how the shit do you check intonation? I know there's a ton of factors that go into it, especially with a floyd rose, so I was hoping someone could give me a big help with that.

Thanks to anyone who decides to help on these issues plus more that will most likely come to mind.
there might be a bur on the nut/saddle a lil people of sand paper oughto fix it
and you should leave enough slack in the string ti give it a wind around the peg

to check intonation you tune the guitar and to a 12th fret harmonic and check it againt the fretted 12th note they shouldnt be to far off
to adjust it is a but more involed on a flyd eupted gutiar and depends on the type of bridge you have probably should lok at your guitars manual for that one
Well. About my saddle. Oddly one of my plates is missing. The 1st string.
Also, my lock nuts are all sorts of messed up. Somehow one of the plates fell out, and the middle nut just doesn't lock anything down despite there being a plate there. Anyway, I'm not that upset about the 1st string as I only play rhythm, it just suits me better.

Anyway, unimportant things aside. How much does it usually cost to restore a guitar like a charvel or my 50th Anniversary Strat?