Im trying to hum into the notes which i play on the guitar. Im having difficulties humming, like my throat is filled with mucus or is "rusted". I have never had any vocal training of any kind, nor do i ever sing. How do i "Clear my throat" so i may be able to comfortably hum guitar notes? Im also feeling im hurting my vocal chords.
Drink a lot of water. Avoid caffeine, as it will dehydrate you. Other than that, if you still have issues, I've found that inhaling the steam from a really hot shower does wonders for draining mucus.

It also sounds like you're forcing your vocal chords too hard. Look up some lessons on diaphragm support and proper projection techniques. Make sure your jaw and throat are opened wide, even when your lips are closed (i.e. humming). The worst thing you can do for your vocal chords is to constrict your throat.

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Diaphragm support was the most important thing I learned in my voice lessons. In fact once I got a good grip on using my diaphragm and did some stomach exercises to strengthen the muscles I was belting it out like a pro.