A new song that my new prog metal band Aronious released. It has a pretty catchy, heavy vibe to it. It is a lengthier track and it was recorded at 608 studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a pretty high quality recording and it is also up for free download on our facebook page as well as our band camp page! We'd appreciate it so much if any of you musical guys and gals would take some time out of your day to check it out and give us some feedback on it! We are very much influenced by bands like Fallujah and The Haarp Machine! Here is a link to our youtube video of the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r69MCm7OQ-c and also a link to our facebook page for the free download! http://www.facebook.com/aroniousmetal?ref=hl
how does your band have only 400 some likes? very good stuff.
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-like a snail along a straight razor, dividing itself through motion
Thanks man! Well we just put up our band page about a month or two ago. We are a pretty new band lol. Also, it's so hard to spread the word and get your music out there. It's kind of ridiculous!
Hey thanks for the kind words! Well i recorded with my agile interceptor pro 727 7 string guitar that had active emg's in it so the pickups and the guitar had a bit to do with it. We also re-amped the track with a 5150. I dont believe we used any sort of noise gate at all on this track just because noise gates can be kind of a tone killer. And i havent been able to check out your stuff man the link isnt letting me. I clicked on it and it said the page couldnt be found! Damn ug! lol