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The thread to post the first pick you caught at a concert. What concert, who was playing, and who's pick?

My first pick was from a concert I went to this summer at Soaring Eagle Casinos. It was Shinedown and Godsmack headlining, with Finding Clyde opening. I caught a pick from Shinedown's bass player, and my friend caught a pick from Godsmack's bassist as well. We were on the left side...go figure.
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Caught one of Corey's picks at a Trivium show. First concert experience memorialized perfectly.
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My friends band was supporting a band called Revoker, the drummer some how managed to catch a pick that got thrown which is quite insane because it was packed at the time.

Revokers Drummer threw his bottle of water and I caught it though...
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I have a nice drumstick from Tommy McKinnon (former Neuraxis drummer) which he threw into the crowd after his last show with the band.
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I caught Tony Iommi's pick at Heaven and Hell gig in Glasgow 2007. Also got a couple of picks from the Metallica gig in Glasgow 2009, they threw quite a few picks so wasn't too hard.
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My first pick was at a Peter Frampton concert, where we got picked randomly out of the crowd to be in the front row. Unfortunately, it wasn't Peter's pick but his keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Rob Arthur's pick. It has his signature on one side and the cover image of Frampton Comes Alive on the other.
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I have about 6 picks and three drumsticks from a Scorpions concert, front row. I have a pick from every guitarist. Two from Dokken who opened up for them. And the drummer kept giving me drumsticks.

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I went to see Axl's Guns N' Roses (who are still a great live band BTW) while they were playing a few limited small venue shows earlier this year. The lead guitarist DJ Ashba through his glass slide into the audience after the Rocket Queen solo. My friend standing next to me caught it! He's never touched a guitar. I was so mad!

Here's the slide...

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i got a drum stick from chris dangerous of the hives, hit me in the head. amazing gig had to wrestle it from some other guy
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I have one from Sum 41, and one from In Flames.

I think that's it.
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Quote by '93
i got a drum stick from chris dangerous of the hives, hit me in the head. amazing gig had to wrestle it from some other guy

Same deal, I had a drumstick that I caught first row from Shinedown. Except I ended up losing it after some guy in his late 50's nearly tackled me for it all of the sudden.