hello , i have 2 ?'s .

1. did joyo switch mfg processes, i have searched there pcb boards and see
pedals with regular resistors " looked soldered by individuals" and others that looked machined processed smaller resistors .

2. how can you tell if a pedal is digital or analog in a stomp box if not
specified ?

thx in advance

here is images of different resistors

(Invalid img)

(Invalid img)
You can't tell by looking at the PCB. It's all based in the circuitry.

The difference you are seeing are just styles of PCB. One is the older with leads on the resistors and the newer contact style. I don't know the technical names of either style.
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Through hole is the older style and the newer style is surface mount or smt.
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so smt will be machined assembly ? it would also be difficult to mod these type of boards
wouldn't it
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