Up for sale is my pride and joy, the Engl Fireball 60! I'm also throwing in the live-in flight case for it as well.

She has served me extremely well, played many gigs, toured around the UK and was used to record 2 albums. Don't let the 60watt rating fool you, this is an absolute beast on stage and cuts through just fine! Most professional venues will mic the cab anyways so chances are you're never pushing past 12 and yet you'll still gain an amazing saturated, articulate distorted sound. Perfect for death metal, djent, hardcore... anything extreme!!! The clean channel is incredible on this amp, very sparkly and harmonically rich.

There's a few tolex wounds, but nothing serious and the amp hasn't suffered any damaged from them. It's in full working order and sounds fantastic!

The flight case has very minor wear considering the miles it has traveled, just scuff marks on the corners and a few on the aluminium trim - no dents/cracks anywhere! Fits the Fireball like a glove and protects it extremely well! A must have if you tour, or just to safely move the amp around.

It's a live in case, so the front and pack panels remove to gain access to the front and rear of the amp, it also has room for the top of the amp to get airflow as not to overheat no matter how long you have it running for.


Removable front and rear
7mm hexa board
Heavy duty Penn Elcom fittings
Foam lined in 20mm 50mm blocks

It's a fantastic case with many, many more years of service still left in it.


Flight case:

Asking for £450
I'll get back to you with a quote later today as I'm at work - but I'd imagine it'll be around £30+ for shipping due to its size and weight. Either way, keep me posted if you're still interested! Cheers!