Please help!
Recently in my country, a new magazine called Super Guitar launched a contest to win a guitar signed by 4 of the most important Portuguese Guitarists. Well, my current guitar is totally screwed up, and I don't have cash to buy another one, so I decided to enter this contest... For the past 5 or 6 days I've managed to gather around 700 likes, and that put me in 2nd place of the competition! But yesterday, someone was able to surpass me in only 1 day. I checked it, and noticed that the guy bought likes or spammed his link on another website, because most of the people that liked his post weren't even Portuguese.

So I want to ask the Ultimate Guitar community to help me win this guitar!

My post consists of a poem dedicated to my guitar and a clip from a band I was in some years ago, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, one of the main Portuguese Black Metal acts!

Here's the post I made, please like it!

we'd love to help, but this is in the wrong place. this forum is for displaying lyrics & poetry. i've seen this type of stuff usually in The Pit, try going there, though i'm not even sure if this is allowed, read the rules & good luck, holmes.