Poll: Buy the Crate V5 at the pawn shop for $50-60
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View poll results: Buy the Crate V5 at the pawn shop for $50-60
Snag it?
17 89%
Leave it?
2 11%
Voters: 19.
Stopped by my local pawn shop today and found a Crate V5 Tube Amp for $50-60, in pretty good condition. I already have a sweet amp - a 10 year old AC30cc2x and am not looking for a backup or replacement, merely a different option that doesn't weigh in at 100 lbs (as my Vox does when I put it in a road case).

Any opinions on this little amp? Sells for $200 new and I have spare tubes lying around to replace the stock ones.
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Why don't you own it yet?

Hmmm....Hmmm.....GET UP!! Go NOW!

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If it sells for 200$, why the heck are you asking UG whether to buy or not? Seems illogical.
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Aw yeah.
$50 isn't going to hurt you.
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Its a $50 tube amp. Why the hell wouldn't you?
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leave it to me!

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Buy it. Or alternatively you could but it, put it in a box, and post it over to Western Australia and I'll buy it.
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Buy it. Or alternatively you could but it, put it in a box, and post it over to Western Australia and I'll buy it.

... for quadruple the price.
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... for quadruple the price.

And it'd still be cheaper than any equivalent I'd be able to get locally
Bai it and sell it.
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