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On my guitars with back plates (All Floyd's, but same thing), I have them velcroed on, that way, I have easy spring access, and the plate can hold my spring mutes in place.

I'm doing that from now on, you are a genius
I always take off the back plates and truss rod covers.

Honestly, I just think it looks better.

Those plastic back covers always look so cheap and chintzy, especially when they put a white one on, and the truss cover is also about ease of access.
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This thread is officially about sucking Sleaze off for a sig.

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Hey Sleaze I'll give you a blowjob if you sig me. Maybe even some nudey photos?

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Sleaze, that made me lulz in my pants.

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hahaha Sleaze i'd give you my mom for that one.
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Have you considered shortening your strap?

Or lowering your c*ck?
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you should just mount a really big chunk of wood

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How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?
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