Just reviewed 3 songs and did a few more a couple weeks ago. Happy to C4C anybody willing to help out with some feedback.

Please do a favor and let us know who you think we sound like. What bands, what genres? Also, looking for honest critiques, as I've been giving. Positive AND negative feedback welcome. It's metal that crosses some genres and is rather experimental. Pick a song or, even better, all 4 if you feel like it. If so, best song, worst song and why.

Click here for sound cloud link: YgO demos

Thanks in advance.

I got to be honest, i really don't get your music. The vocals are awful. The music is all over the place. I guess you sound like Primus or something. I don't know. If you're trying to do something super original, you've succeeded. The recording quality is quite good. But overall too much randomness for me...
Thanks for the feedback and honesty. Yes, it's definitely not for everybody and not following any specific genre. Funny you should make the Primus reference, always liked Primus, but never crazy about his vocals either. Of course, nor do we have Les Claypool on bass. Obviously we weren't going for a perfect pitch American Idol contestant or operatic singing style, more of a hardcore punk style or crossover thrash style, we realize the vocals may be one of the weaker points...

The vocals are awful.

That being said, it's tough to learn anything and work to progress from criticism that is not constructive.

What specifically about the vocals would you, or anybody else, say are awful or need work, when compared to say, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Minor Threat, early COC, etc.? Pitch? Timing? Both? Neither, just the style?

it's a bit too much of an experiment to my ears. you're using a vocal effect right? some sort of robot-izer? like from Iron Man? it's distracting.
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I listen to stuff like this and I think, "what is it trying to make me feel?" Am I supposed to laugh, cry, scream with rage? Because I just don't feel anything. I get the feeling you've forgotten that music is supposed to bring out emotions in people, and not just "impress" them with how random or innovative you are.

Sorry if this sounds brutal: i'm just trying to be honest.
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To answer a question regarding vocal effects, it depends on which specific song you were referring to, could've been a flanger, distortion, chorus, delay or a combination of those. In retrospect I probably did take some of it too far.

To make matters simpler, I removed 3 of the 4 songs, leaving the one which has little or no vocal effects. Anyone still owing or looking to critique can just focus on that song, using same link above.

Thank you for the reviews! Now your music: "Abandon": audio quality is good. This is a bit eccentric, which I find amusing & entertaining. Sometimes the vocals are a bit pitchy, but for the style of music, it's not a big problem. Interesting loose drums/percussion. Guitars sound a bit 70's, which is fine by me. Much of the song has an 80's goofy-ness which is different & not boring, vaguely reminescent of Devo (one of my favorites) or Primus. Rock on!
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thanks for the comments on my thread.

I can't say this suits my particular tastes. That being said, I am a fan of a few genres of metal. However, the quality of the musicianship is pretty good. The band is tight in it's own way. The mix is OK, but there are some instances when it sounds unnatural, such as when the slide guitar comes in. I'm not sure if this is the intended effect.

It is a very strange mix of tool, metallica, jethro tull and perhaps even an instance of Gogol Bordello? Honestly, it is hard to tell, haha. Very strange, but I hope you find an audience for this.

Edit: The song I listened to was Abandon.