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Anything by Shania Twain... she is just such a babe.
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^dem tasty wah licks
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~
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Katy Perry- I kissed a girl

Does that count? I mean, it's such a good song.

Nah, I've been to see her live
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I love you.
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Selena Gomez- Love You Like A Love Song

This. Backed 100%. Also, Taylor Swift - "Stay Stay Stay."
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Anything by Shania Twain... she is just such a babe.

Yes this!!!
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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
You damn guys that embed videos all over the place and lag shit.

'Get Stoned' by Hinder is one I'm listening to a lot.






Every time I play live in a pub, I play it. It's just so much fun, plus my friend nails the tamborine, which I find impossible to play
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Not a guilty pleasure because I don't feel "guilty" or ashamed or anything lol! However, I usually can't stand modern electronic dancepop and dismiss it fairly quickly, but I'm really digging Katy B at the moment... I will have to download/ buy her album D:

I first heard her on Magnetic Man's (an electronic trio with 2 of the earliest dubstep pioneers) album, which was a long time ago but I didn't think to check out more of her stuff until recently. I remember hearing that song in an Aritzia store in the mall once... and I'm pretty sure she did a commercial for coca cola/ olympics 2012
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Don't really feel guilty but (album) Lenka - Two
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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Not even very guilty about it this point, but I've listened to Mariah Carey's Christmas song about ten-fifteen times since the start of the month.
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**** yes.

And this one (of course):

Back off fellas, she's mine.

I guess I could say Nickelback as well- mainly because the hate towards them is borderline ridiculous if you ask me. Songs like How You Remind Me, Someday, Photograph, Savin' Me, Far Away, and If Everyone Cared were a huge part of my high school soundtrack- around that time I started getting into their heavier stuff as well. Also, I saw them back in May and they put on a phenomenal show (besides all the flames and other pyro, they also had a secondary levitating stage that they played a few songs on, which I thought was pretty cool).
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Sell your Valvestate to brainless 17 year old for mighty sums of dollars. Purchase a JMP for a pittance from a desperate seller. Masturbate to pictures of yourself and your new, real Marshall. Eternal glory awaits.

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The new dragonforce album.

It's actually pretty damn good.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
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Every time I play live in a pub, I play it. It's just so much fun, plus my friend nails the tamborine, which I find impossible to play

Did your friend study at the Tambourine Institute of Technology & Science (TITS)?
Pretty much half of what I listen to can be considered "guilty pleasures".
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Listening to: This jazz piano music playing over the PA like wow for once it's good stuff they're playing

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TS, I'm with on Beers Ago. That shit's been playing non stop on my computer. And it's awesome.

Also, Beer For My Horses.
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