Yeah, well, I wouldn't say it's good, but I'd still love you guys to check it out. It's a piece of solo work (not a band), I wrote everything and did the vocals and guitar, but the bass and drums are VST. If a solo or something is out of key, I wouldn't know, I've never taken lessons before. I just do what sounds good. Be forewarned, I wasn't meant to be a vocalist!


OH! Forgot to mention, was mixed on an 11 year old computer using $15 microphones in my bedroom.

For being mixed on an old PC with cheap mics, it sounds really good. The one thing I might would be to bring out the lead parts a bit. Pretty powerful rhythm guitar tones. You seem to have an intuitive ear for being "in tune", btw, by which I mean the solo was in key.

Mind if I ask what kind of vocal mic setup are you were using? Your singing actually kind of fits the song, even if it isn't the best. (I'd say, if you practiced your singing and got better, you could be a powerful singer.)
Sounds good under the circumstances! Sounds a lot like the band Down, who I'm a big fan of. I assume you are too, if not, it seems you should be. One of my favorite originals I've heard on here so far, despite the quality, but probably because we have similar primary influences.

Other than a little better recording quality, which you made clear you are already aware of, the only thing I think you may want to change is how that guitar solo starts up. It's definitely good, but it sounds like like it just starts up out of nowhere real fast. I think it would sound better with more of a slow soulful start before the fast shred part, kind of like the bending and what not you do later with it.

Agreed with the above post:
(I'd say, if you practiced your singing and got better, you could be a powerful singer.)

Also, C4C if you would please. I'd say the track Lied To would be the most similar to the style of your song. Here's my C4C request: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1576193
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As a non-vocalist attempting vocals myself, I have to say that you have me beat on that side of things. I agree on the Down comment too, and I am also a fan of them; so yeah, I really liked this. For a poor recording set up, this sounds good especially the vocals which are very clear and well mixed in my opinion. The solo is pretty cool too!