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My dsl is piss poor at the moment. Its U verse 1.5 mbs. I tried it with ethernet and its already slow for hd video. When I use it on wifi it feels a tad slower.

I am about to install a 50 mbs down/10 up internet next week. Will I notice a difference between wired and wifi at those speeds? Do I have to buy an expensive router to take advantage of the new speed also? Thanks
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With an ethernet cable my laptop gets 100mb/s but i'm pretty sure the wifi is limited to 22.

I'm with Virgin Media if that makes any difference.
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You're abandoning dsl just because it's bad and slow and jumping on the fast internet bandwagon? what a sellout
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With a wireless G wifi network, I am pretty sure you have 54 Mbits of router speed. This isn't the actual speed of your internet, just what the router is capable of. With that you have to deal with (probably) higher latencies and any possible source of interference, making wifi inherently less stable than a wired connection. Nowadays wireless N is getting bigger (as in more popular) and that gives you a 300 Mbit router speed.

If you transfer files between computers a lot through your router this becomes a bigger deal, but if you are getting a maximum internet download speed of 50 Mbits it will never be a problem to use wireless G for downloading. After all, that's only 6,400 KB per second and most routers can handle close to 10,000 in my experience; they do vary though as I am sure you can imagine.
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When I download something on my computer its like 2 MB/s average but on my laptop literally right next to the router its like 750 KB/s