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Hi, everybody

Greetings from Brazil!

So, I'm brazilian. I'll travel to Orlando next year, and I'm willing to buy a guitar. A Fender American Standard HSS.

I was looking at the prices, and I found it in Sam Ash for 999,99 (starting at, actually). But in Guitar Center it's 1599,99. A huge difference!

So what do you guys thinks is the real?

I don't know how it works over in USA, but when a store price something, and puts "*starting at", that's is the "real" price, or they it will be more expensive?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'm sorry with there is any mistakes in the text
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The one you see at Guitar Center is probably the Deluxe model. It retails at 1600, the Standard is 1000.

"Starting at" is the real price for that model. It might go up depending on the color/finish, but you can definitely get one for that advertised price.