I was bored and watching a vid of some guy playing a fretless acoustic in the middle east, sounded cool so I looked over at my old crap classical, and said what the fk. Same thing as when I watched a vid of YM and immediately half scalloped my jackson, no regrets.

I left the last 3 frets in so I can still do open chords. It wasn't very loud after, new strings would help, but it played ok. So I put it to C standard and wow, it's really fun and sounds a lot like an acoustic bass played up high. Should be interesting for recording some bass lines. I'll post something when I get a chance.

I have the frets here, they are still ok, so If I want to ever I can pop them back in.

Just a thought if anyone has an old guitar that they never use, you might at least play it a bit more!

Edit, I'm amazed at the sustain with a bit of vibrato but it makes a sawing noise on the fingerboard. The tone is incredible at some places on the neck/strings, but pretty quiet, also the wrapped strings are kinda squeaky when I slide around
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meh, they'll be alright

edit: they came out in really nice shape
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If you remove the first 3 frets, you could lower the action a fit.
My friend recently did this with his beater bass...needs some work but im interested to see what happens