Hopefully there are a few Glaswegians lurking in GG&A. :p

I'm trying to find a decent amp tech somewhere in Glasgow. I have an amp that needs it's filter caps replaced and there's no way in hell I'm attempting it myself.

I've been to one guy not far from Charing Cross before, but you need to lug your gear up four flights of stairs to get to him so it's a bit of a nightmare getting there. I'm not sure I trust any of the big shops either. I've left a couple of guitars with them before for a quick tune-up and they didn't do the best of jobs.

So yeah, is there anywhere decent I can take my gear when I need work done? I figure there must be with the number of local bands there are playing in Glasgow but I don't have a clue where to start looking.
I'm in Edinburgh so can't comment on Glasgow, but the guy I am using in Edinburgh is very good and has been recommended to me by people in both cities, here's his website http://www.axeman-guitars.co.uk/

Dennis miller in fife is also very well championed and has a very impressive client base www.dennismarshall.co.uk.

I know neither are ideal for you but they seem to always crop up with musicians I speak to in Scotland. Martin from axe-management is very upfront and honest and has saved me quite a bit of money on replacing to blown output transformers.
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Flynn Amps under C.C music they make boutique amps and do repairs. The guy who owns it is quite decent as well.
Flynn amps definitely, brilliant guys there
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Thanks for the input guys. I can get to Flynn Amps easy enough so I'll no doubt be heading over to them soon.

And I'll check out the other two mentioned if I'm ever out that way. Again, thanks for the tips.