I just started playing again in these past few months after a few years of not really playing a whole lot, and I don't have much it comes to pedals, and I have a older low quality fx that sounds like crap. And don't really use any OD anymore since I got a jvm410.

But when it comes down to it, I want to be able to make as many sounds as possible, and don't really want to go out and buy every possible pedal and stomp box out there,
I also want to have as little tonal loss in quality as possible.

I was originally thinking of getting a line 6 pod hd500, but heard that it wasn't so transparent and had quite a bit of quality loss. And so I switched my view to the g-system, which seemed great, but I haven't really found much of any information of how many effects it is capable of and it seems kind of limited. For example I watched one video where the guy said that it does not have any types of distortion and you have to add that your self via amp or external effects. I don't really use a whole lot of distortion, but if this thing is a complete multi fx floor unit, why does it not have those things?

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be awesomely appreciated, money isn't really an issue but I don't want to go out and buy something that I will have no use for.
All of the multi-Fx I've used have had disappointingly bad distortion models. I wouldn't plan on using distortion from a multi-fx. Maybe get a decent OD/distortion pedal and then get the rest of your effects from the multi.

That said, the G-System doesn't have any distortion models at all so if you really want all your stuff from one unit you'll have to look elsewhere. The Line 6 M-Series are really good (minus most of the distortion stuff, but at least they have it).
Well is it just only distortion that is missing from the g system? I see a lot of other effects in it's loops as well a part from distortions. Like I said I don't really use distortion, but does the g system do pretty much everything else but?
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Well; how much are you willing to spend? And does it have to be a floor/pedal unit? You'll love the Axe-FX II, but it is a rackmount unit and it costs an arm and a leg. DigiDesign's Eleven is a similar unit, but it is less than half the price of an Axe-FX II.

For on-the-floor units, I like the Vox Tonelab. It has a number of neat effects, and it sounds pretty good. Rocktron has a few good ones, too. As you said, if you've got a Marshall JVM, then you don't need to worry about the distortion settings. You've got more than enough of that in your amplifier. As with any effects, your best bet is to try as many as you can. One thing, though: if you get a floor unit, make sure it can stand up to being stepped on. Some of those little plastic units just don't hold up, especially if you wear boots.
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