so idk if this is the right place to post this but what ever. sooo lately I've been wanting to learn something jazzy but i don't know where to start. right now the only thing i know thats jazzy is fly me too the moon (the version that paul gilbert plays) other than that nothing. Any suggestions of a good jazz one to learn thats not too easy? i know lots of chords and stuff and am pretty good in other types of music (metal, rock , blues, shreddy stuff) and i learn stuff pretty quickly so gimme something that will be a good challenge. Thanks
A good challenge? check out some Guthrie Govan, not strictly jazz but it is based upon it. Some good songs there

Wonderful Slippery Thing sounds really jazzy
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I have played a really fun chord melody of "Never No Lament (I don't get around much anymore)" by Duke Ellington. I played a version of it in G for my jury last year and it went over pretty well and its certainly a crowd pleaser with lots of opportunity for lyrical playing.

And also, transcribing is the best way to learn jazz in my opinion. Listen, and learn by ear. Both melodies, solos, chord progressions etc.
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