I've been stuggling with this problem for the past year or so. I cant seem to write a bridge to any of my songs anymore. Some of the songs I written sound great without them but its getting a bit too repetative for me. Instumental middle 8's are okay for some of them but as I play most of my gigs acoustically, I feel the audience may also think this is repetative and boring and loose intrest during a gig. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated.
Solo acoustic gigs are inherently difficult when it comes to showcasing instrumental parts. Unless you're doing a lot of sampling/looping or are extremely adept at playing leads and harmonies simultaneously you're really stuck singing. If your voice is serving you well maybe sing lead parts in falsetto or something? Or find ways to work them in with the chords.

As for the bridge thing specifically, I'm not sure what you're after..? The "normal" trick for the bridge (I suspect you already know, but maybe some other forum user can gain from this) is to switch up tonality somehow. The most common of these is to switch into relative minor (Am if you're in C or Bm if you're in D, etc), which works especially well for instrumental solos in mid tempo songs, but there's nothing stopping you from singing in the bridge. If anything it's the place (other than MAYBE the final chorus) where you have the most freedom to "show off" your voice without coming off like you're trying too hard.
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thanks for the advice mate. The Falsetto idea has never came across my mind before, definitely giving it a go.