I am writing a book. A work of fiction. I am about half the way through (I know it's not about the word count but it's currently around 48,000 just to give an idea).

It will be done within the next few months.

Anyone have any experience with going about getting a work of fiction published? I know a few people who have had books published, so I obviously have asked them for their advice, but I would always welcome more!

Merci boucoup.

You need to find a respectable editor first, because authors have a hard time spotting their own mistakes. Even the simple ones.

You'll also most likely want to look into publishing agents who can help you after the editing process. I have a friend who's written several books, and this is advice from her, not me. I've never successfully finished a book.

Finally, it's merci beaucoup
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Talk to Colohue, he published a book recently through Amazon I think.

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Good luck with your book

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Well, what you probably should do is---

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I'm published. My first book is on Amazon. There's a Writer's thread you may want to look into.

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If this is your first time writing a book, then you likely will not get it published, because it's likely to be bad. And that's okay! Because just as you no doubt play guitar better now than your first month, it takes practice. Here's something you might care for:


Best of luck The Songwriting and Lyrics forum kind of serves as the writer's forum on this site (there's also a writing thread), so just pop into either of those and you'll get help.
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