Hey guys, I've done an instrumental cover of an August Burns Red song and I have recorded and mixed everything. Apart from the drums which I used Superior Drummer for, which I did create all the sounds and set up the kit ( I am still getting hang of SD). I've tried to make the bass drum quite "clicky" and not so much of regular "thud".

Now please bear in mind I recorded this with one Epiphone Les Paul and a Johnson bass which was £50. So please let me know how I could improve this and what your thoughts on it are?


One thing I will say, during the chugging I'm aware the guitars just all sort of mush together and don't stand out like they do during riffs.
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tried side chain compression to emphasize one track over the other?

Being a noob at this shit, I'm not sure what this means.

I have compression on the main Superior Drummer track and the Bass bus & guitar bus?